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It's when you wear a g-string backwards.....
"I wear my g-string backwards and call it a poop hammock"
by ytee April 01, 2007
When you are going number 2 and your shirt is so long that it catches your poop.
Aw man yesterday i was taking a shit and turned my tall T into a poop hammock
by Dale Richardson June 06, 2010
When you place at least three ass gaskets on a toilet seat without ripping out the center to preparing the stage for your beautiful creation. You calmly shit and if done correctly the poop will just chill on top of the unripped centers of the ass gaskets like a person hanging out in a hammock. Sometimes this skill can be hard to accomplish.
person 1: "Hey man you wont believe what I just did in the bathroom!"
person 2: "What!?!"
person 1: "I successfuly created a poop hammock! I have been trying to do this for years! This is a day to remember!"
person 2: "Woah jealous! I still havent been able to aquire such a skill."
by chevygirl01957 December 13, 2010
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