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A game played by placing a dollar laced with poo, shit side down on the ground for someone to pick up. The person picks it up and is usually grossed out.... Very funny.
Watch those loose bills, it might be a poop dollar.
by David753 May 19, 2006
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A prank or game played by placing poop on one side of a dollar, the dollar is then usually placed on the ground outside of a busy area which would have many people passing by. After that the people who made the poop dollar watch until someone picks up the poop dollar, after the poop dollar has been picked up the person who made it yells "POOP DOLLAR" and runs away as fast as they can before getting in trouble.
Boy1: "I'm fucking bored..."
Boy2: "HEY! I know what we can do!"
Boy1: "Drink cottage cheese mixed with root-beer?"
by ac3092 April 30, 2009
also called a poop dolla

the prank or game in which one defecates and leaves the excrement or feces (i.e. shit) in the dollar bill (can be of any amount) which is rolled around the feces, making it almost impossible to spot. The dollar is leaved on the ground in a public place where there are many people.
as seen on the Comedy Central series Workaholics
Fred shat in that dollar, rolled it up and left it in the park next to the bench. Some idiot picked up the poop dollar and it was hilarious!
by assmann303 October 23, 2011
Whe u go to the bathroom and take dollar and put the poop in it and then u put it on the side walk near a bench, u sit on the bench and then u wait untill someone picks it up, then u make fun of them forever
We waited untill someone went to pick the poopdollar, adn when they did we were tramaized because it was my mom, so it wasnt that funny but usually it is.
by someone June 19, 2006
When you wrap your fecal matter in dollar bills and leave them in public in hopes to have people think they found money and pick it up.
Ryan told me he found a poop dollar in his front yard.

"Don't pick up that money! It's totally a poop dollar."
by Tslu August 04, 2013
Adj./Noun- To be so drunk that you are virtually worth nothing more than a dollar with poop on it.
"Wow you look like a poop-dollar tonight"
"I'm getting poop-dollared later for sure"
by Jeronimerh February 18, 2014
A poop dollar is any redneck that would actually consider playing the game poop dollar.
That poop dollars trailer house is on fire!!!
by Brian Vigliotta May 28, 2008

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