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The opportunity for one to obtain poon.
"The st. anne's party next week has definite poontential."

"Wow there's a lot of poontential here"
by sideways.smile March 04, 2009
the potential of a very young girl to one day be viable (and legal) for a right fucking
your 5 year old daughter has got some poontential
by addz October 12, 2003
The high chance of a girl to look good in the future.
Damn sarah has some poon-tential, she would be good to fuck ones shes older
by OG-Fernando180 July 04, 2010
1. The degree of probability a person has for sexual relations with an attractive female.

2. The degree of desire a person has to make a pass, hit on, or pick up a female.
1. There is definite poontential with Laura tonight.

2. Wow. That chick has great poontential.
by Bobby gunns June 20, 2010
when a girl is deciding whether or not she is going to sleep with you
Bob - Hey I saw you dancing with that hot girl. Is she going home with you tonight?

Jim - She's a poontential.
by brendenw November 06, 2010