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1. Affinity for pussy, a.k.a., pussy.
2. Relection of a shaved pussy.
3. The virile man's desperate sex addiction and drive for poontang.
The light reflected a poonshine from the mound of her shaved pussy.
I lost my poonshine, Bubba, so I just jack it now.
by AD-92129 March 20, 2011
2 4
The resulting discharge from a yeast infection caused by soaking one's tampon in alcohol.
Bill: How'd it go with Jill?
Ted: No good. She'd been dippin her Tampax in Tanqueray. Shit reeked of poonshine.
by Gregg420 October 13, 2010
5 2
"The sweet nectar of a female hillbilly."
"Hot damn her poon shine tasted better than my ol' granpappy's MOON shine!"
by Teddy November 03, 2003
7 4
home-brew GHB or Rohypnol. primary ingredient is rapeseed. assists in the attainment of poontang
dude, just made a fresh batch of poonshine, wanna road test it?
by le minesweeper April 24, 2008
2 3