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the sweet sweet juice frome a females vigina that we all as men crave
brody drank dani's tangy poonjuice and loved it
by dani December 01, 2003
13 5
A slippery, wet substance created by a womans vagina or poon, usually before sex, or when sexually aroused. Poon Juice serves the purpose of lubricating.

Dude, Danyelle was so horny last night- I was dripping wet from head to toe with poon juice by the time her and I finished having sex.
by Mark D.... July 26, 2006
50 11
Secreted vaginal fluids often produced for anal and vagina lubrication.
Man homie, Danyelles' ass was so tight, I had no choice but to rub some poon juice on that shyt.
by Mikey Z. July 30, 2006
11 20
intercourse between a man and a woman
guy-"mabey tonight you can mix yo poontang with ma poon berries and we can make sweet sweet poon juice."
by molly kay April 11, 2006
8 38