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penis, the male genitalia, or the male happy place
some guy- " wanna see my poon berries!"
some girl- "no thank you..."
by molly kay April 11, 2006
A rare fruit, seeked world-wide. It grows only on the Poon tree found mainly among the islands of Walla-walla in South America. Consumption of the sweet, tangy fruit is said to be the source of an instant orgasm. It is often used to create poontang. A drink which causes the consumer to experience life-like hallucinations involving fantasies, often sexual.
Look! It's the rare poonberry, I would give my left foot for that poonberry!
by Poontang Princess May 02, 2007
(n) - poon, or vulva that possesses genital warts (berries)
I was watching this sensual French film and my wang was as hard as a prosthetic leg until I noticed her poon berry.
by halfincher March 11, 2014
Slang for shrooms. Commonly used by teens who have parents that rea their text messages.
Text: Dude you wanna get some poonberries?
Replying Text: Yeah i can get some for $30.
by Mixtli March 18, 2009
A sticky substance which takes a ball shape, and exists through a buildup of vaginal secretion.
"That chick smells like a poonberry" "I bet shes had a couple poonberries in her day..."
by Jaredjohn January 07, 2009