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a random thing to say when you have nothing to say... a noise.

part of the alfredian language.
She didn't know what to say, so she said poom.
by weezy July 23, 2004
26 84
originally caribbean (i think) term for vagina
"hit dat poom"
by Lethal Splinta July 27, 2003
388 168
clean, fresh, tight, neatl'e shaven and fragrant pussy dat drive man fuckin' wile an insane wi' passion
A) She av'a nice pussy
B) Dat pussy was POOM rudbai!
by liberty November 26, 2003
195 89
You know, The womans pussy...its fun to just say her poom

also known as "poom poom
I wanted to eat her out so bad, but she had too much dirt in her pooms
by Shit-Sticks February 13, 2006
109 57
a girl with a big fat ass (preferably, a symmetrical fat ass)
Damn, Sarah's ass is so fat. We should start calling her "poom."
by Simpleblackjack October 23, 2012
9 8
To Fuck A Bitch
She Want Me To Poom Dat Mug
by KEEM-ON July 03, 2011
14 15
A terrible insult used by someone who isn't old enough to swear.
* Jack goes to take Chloe's sweets*

Chloe: Jack they are mine you poom. You cant have them.
by hudsonlovesdogs January 11, 2014
0 4
the act of bumping a friend in the nose when they ask u to pound it
19:08 maddy: POUND IT!
19:08 connor: POOMM@
19:08 connor: yea
19:08 maddy: booyah!
by Shush, it's a secret December 09, 2008
8 50