Paul DiGiovanni, lead guitarist of popular self-proclaimed emo band, BOYSlikeGIRLS. Poolie is his nickname given to him by the fellow band members.
Paul DiGiovanni, otherwise known as Poolie, is love. <3
by iownyourface January 18, 2008
Top Definition
A Poolie (or Poolies in the plural) refers to the leaving of an unfinished alcoholic beverage at a bar or pub. The term is derived from the instance in 2013 when Matt Poole left the first and only unfinished pint of Guinness at Murphy's Pub in Galway.
OK everyone, time to move to the next bar, no Poolies.
by zwoodson September 13, 2014
A person who has completed the physical demands for becoming a United States Armed Forces recruit but has not yet entered the actual program. i.e., one who is waiting to go to boot camp.
This poolie thinks he's the shit because he's on his way to becoming a marine, but he hasn't earned anything yet.
by Mark Ciubal August 28, 2005
Refers to 3.5 grams of cocaine, or 1/8th of an ounce also known as an 8 ball hence the term poolie.
"What it do for the poolie?"
"Buck 50 my dude."
by KU$H-DA-KRUSHER January 14, 2009
A poolie is top of its line or class
The ford mustang GT is a Poolie when compared to other members of the ford family such as the ford focus.
by camp sawyer August 03, 2009
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