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A strip club in Bankhead Atlanta GA, Later influenced a dance in the greater Atlanta area, made popular by Hip-Hop artists B.H.I. (Born Hustlas Inc.) Feat. K-rab in the song Poole Palace. The dance incorperates a mixture of popular variety ATL dances: Lean wit it rock wit it, shoulder lean, shoulder wurk, snap yo fingaz, da Fabo, Walk it Out (westside walkin)
Dance is best shown B.H.I.'s Do it Do it (Poole Palace)
by TrapboiZone4 October 20, 2006
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A popular dance where you bend your knees and rock your hips. It blew up along with the popular 'lean wit it rock wit it' and goes along with a song named 'DO IT' by an artist named bhi.
It is also a club in ATLANTA which the dance was originated.
"bend ya knees, rock ya hips, do the poole palace"
by VALERiE May 09, 2006
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A dance done to snap music which consists of Cherish Do It To It, Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It, Cadillac Don's Inside Peanut Butter Outside Jelly. It is often done by bending your knees and turning your ankles inward quickly and turning around in circles. Girls often stick out their booty while doin' in.
Cherish's coreographer gave examples of different dances to do to snap music, it included the Poole Palace.
by BreezyBaby06 April 30, 2006
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A dance for dudes to think they're cool and tough because they're too pussy to really dance. The only step down from the Poole Palace is standing in place, which the other half in the club do anyway. The end of dance as we know it.
Humberto: Yo check it out, that man is having a seizure!
Saul: Nah G, he's just doin the Poole Palace. Let him have his fun.

Diego: Remember when we'd hear music as kids and just flail about aimlessly to the beat?
Bob: Yeah.
Diego: Well now able-bodied adults do that and pass it off as dancing. It's called the Poole Palace.
Bob: That's silly.
Diego: I know.
by paparazzi July 16, 2006
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A dance dat atl niggaz took from DC
bend yo knees rock yo hipz do da poole palace
by MarieK August 31, 2006
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