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Garfield's bear. Pooky allows Garfield to show his other side. He's a teddy bear extraordinaire; cuddly, understanding, and always there when Garfield needs him. Plus he never tries to hog Garfield's blanket or food. Garfield likes that.
raymond is my pooky bear <3
by you know who........... April 30, 2009
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a nickname for your cat or boyfriend
"Do you want wet food pooky bear?"
by TitsMgee April 07, 2006
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Cutest creature imaginable but with an amazing talent to annoy. This name is thought to originate in Mid-Wales.
She was a real Pookybear but every we wnet out she embarrassed me!. or I love her but I just cant handle a Pookybear.
by Mellers April 26, 2004
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A person who is really popular among friends.
Usually friendlier to the same sex rather than the opposite.
Doesnt mind public hummilation, and dances with the same sex most of the time.
A pookybear is strait.
Usually hangs out with a kurbushgush and headbangs.
Female:Hi pooky bear!!!!
Pookybear:Umm, do i know you??
Female:Your in my science class
Male: Hi POOKYBEAR!! <3
Pookybear:OMG Hi baby face! <33
by Your mom :D August 19, 2006
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