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A generic term used by African Americans to reference a lazy and aimless relative, who, however endearing, is also an embarrassment.
"I need you to grab Cousin Pookie to vote; I need you to grab Ray Ray to vote,"
-Barack Obama
by mijoca1 July 12, 2008
Slang for the indiginous species of human only known to attract love and affection from their significant other. See also, pookiebear, pookiepoo, pookometron, etc.
This here's my pookiebear! I sure do love him/her!!!
by Pooks in Love November 02, 2006
A malay word for vagina, eg, cunt, pussy.

Also a swear word commonly used in south east asia.
Teng-Alison's pookie smells like rotten fish,

Yo, bro, that girl's pookie has worms in it.
by conancassidy October 01, 2007
in kapampangan means "vagina".
her pookie smelled like fish.
by hiiimjoan January 01, 2007
(noun) Speed, methamphetamine, and/or paraphenalia used to smoke meth.
Don't drop the pookie, fool.
by Pimp Hollywood August 29, 2005
A term of endearment used for a loved one. Often used when one is arroused sexually.
What do you want to do pookie?
by jamie April 07, 2005
another kinda cute street term for weed
"dude, you got any pookie i can score off you?
by dave (the real dr dave) December 20, 2007