a female baby cow that like to shit in strange places
WTF!!! dont fukkkin be a pookie, David.
by lennypants January 24, 2005
A schizophrenic stuffed bear that can't decide between a bear or a tiger
by baggz November 17, 2003
Street slang for a large eggwhite omlet...
"Yo, for $15 I'll sell you some tight ass pookie...."
by Trent December 15, 2003
1) A white rabbit that bites people's heads off

2) Gaming name of Cass
1) "Aww what a cute lil.. AHHHH!"

2) "Pookie totally owned his ass"
by ChaoticKittie June 29, 2004
A name for a woman's shit hole, woman's arse hole.
"I fucked her in the pookie last night bro.
And she loved it".
by aussie bloke September 07, 2006
very hot southern girl with hugh tits and a nice ass
brittannie hazelrig
by brian April 30, 2004
A chinese Dentist. May sometimes also be known as a jackass.
I just love my Pookie.
by pookie November 23, 2004

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