1. In the Star Wars galaxy, it is a Huttese term meaning "fodder." It is often paired with the word "Bantha," which is a type of large animal in the Star Wars galaxy, to describe someone who is unworthy or lowly in the eyes of the speaker.

2. It can also be used as an exclamation for when something goes wrong, akin to the word dammit. This is one reason why it is often confused for the word shit.

See also: bantha fodder
1. Sebulba: "You won't walk away from this one, you slave scum!"
Anakin: "Don't count on it, slimeball!"
Sebulba: "You're Bantha poodoo!"

2. Sebulba: "Poodoo!"
by "Old Ben" Kenobi June 26, 2010
Top Definition
Poodoo basically started out as meaning "extremely poor" or "an extremely poor person". Over the years, it has evolved to "no class", "ghetto", "dumb", "hated it" ..just all around bunk. Anything with a negative connotation can be poodoo.

A really poor family with the name "Poodoo" or "Pudu" lived in Kaplan, Louisiana and they were so poodoo that their name just stuck.

The road that the family lived on is still called Poodoo Road by local residents. Its official name, however, is Merchant Road -- named after a not-so-poodoo family, the Merchant's of Kaplan.
"Why is she dating him? He's so poodoo."
"Does this shirt look poodoo?"
"Our new library has poodoo orange carpets"
"My hair looks poodoo"
"Leaving your Christmas lights up till July is pretty poodoo."
"If your car window gets smashed and you use duct tape and a trash bag to fix it, you are poodoo."
by c-dogg lemaire January 26, 2005
\poo'-doo, poo-doo'\ (Kaplan slang)

n. 1. One who lacks social graces, epecially if unaware of such lacking.
adj./adv. 1.Unsanitary and/or disgustingly disturbing. 2. Of lower quality.
(Kaplan slang)

See also chu-chu, z-dob
n. "You are such a poodoo!"
adj. "She loves to drink poodoo pop."
adv. "Dumpster-diving is poodoo."
by brandon stelly June 26, 2006
the term for poop or crap used in the Star Wars Universe.
"Yousa bantha poodoo"

"Ewww...I just stepped in poodoo!"
by Caleb December 02, 2003
1. pronounced (peu-deu). It is simply the fine nectar that forms between the anis and vagina that is a mixture of too sweets but not excluding secretions.
The funk creeping down her leg must have been poo doo.
by Thomas Stover August 30, 2006
another word for fecies. a combination of "poop" and "doo doo"
"i poodoo'd my pants"
"my dog poodood on the stairs"

by tatsh December 31, 2008
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