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the term for poop or crap used in the Star Wars Universe.
"Yousa bantha poodoo"

"Ewww...I just stepped in poodoo!"
by Caleb December 02, 2003
When you pinch a turd off onto a girl's head and then right when your done you smash it all in her hair, then wait for it to dry, creating a crusty and smelly hair doo.
When Melissa was sleeping last night I tottaly gave her a PooDoo!
by Aaron Sierpo March 24, 2007
The word poodoo is an expression that: a)shows a concern for the future.
b)shows extreme disbelief in something.
c)Is a sexual position "The Poodoo" in which chocolate is melted between the testicles or in the vaginal opening, then smeared, using a tongue or finger that picked the melted chocolate up, on pubes, spiking them up to the heavens.
a) "Oh man, The big test is today. Oh Poodoo!"
b)The Red Sox win a World Series "Wow. Poodoo!"
by Garret Faber April 28, 2004