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The excrement build up that accumulates when you don't clean your toilet for a couple weeks.
"We've gotta do something about the crapper – it's got poo gremlins."
by kong kong is long July 20, 2009
1) (original definition) n. A short, skinny, ugly girl that has an annoying and high pitched voice.

2) n. Any shorter than average human being acting like a goon.

3) n. One who lives in a dungeon-like environment.

origins: Valparaiso, IN. Definition expanded in greater Lafayette area.
1) I was reading something as I walked, heard a high pitched yell, and to my disgust realized that I accidentally ran into the poo gremlin in front of me.

2) That dude is the biggest poo gremlin when he's drunk.

3) Uhoh, it looks like the poo gremlin has emerged from his basement!!!
by Jason E. Cook June 22, 2007
The fictional gremlin that you imagine touching your ass as you poo into a dark smelly porto-potty.
Mark: Ricky I havent shit in 3 days!

Ricky: Why thats weird?

Mark: No its not, im just afraid of the Poo Gremlin touching my ass while I shit. Ill just wait till I get home.
by Mark Van Fucko June 03, 2011
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