when you fill a condom with shit and then wack someone over the head with it.
Oh man you just caned him with the poo bat!
by Ben Dougherty December 14, 2007
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When the strength of an aroma post shit is so overwhelming its effect is similar to being smashed in the head with a large object. i.e. the poo bat.

I went into the toilet after Peter had a shit and was smashed in the face with the poo bat
by techno84 August 18, 2007
You take a shit in a small toilet/compartment, so when the next person walks in it will be like the getting hit in the face with a bat of poo. The smell is so bad it will knock you out.
Bill takes a shit after one to many burritos.
Jake walks in afterwards and gets a poobat to the face.
Bill shouts "Homerun" and continues to watch Jay Leno.
by Kenny_The_Australian March 08, 2009
Poobat (or Poobatting) is the activity of simultaneously pooing and masturbating whilst on the toilet.
"Hey stevo, have you ever tried poobatting?"

stevo: ".....what?"

"poobatting, having a poo while batting"

stevo: "k"

"It's like killing two birds with one stone"
by stevo June 16, 2009
A very lazily awesomely immature person and only one person can fit it.
or when a flying bat like thing, is covered in poo.
It will appear as a flying turd with wings,
And researchers think that that's what it is. A flying turd with bat wings.

HOLY SNAP?! Was that a Poobat?!

This guy I know.
Hes a total poobat/ shitbat.
by vladimere August 05, 2008

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