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When poo is smeared on a wall in an abstract fashion.
That fucker in the dorms made a Poo Poo Picasso all over the walls! FUCK!
by Skyboy4788iowacity May 02, 2007
Persons who think that whatever they manage to accomplish are works of true genius because they were raised in such a overly validating, gratuitously supportive and positive environment from the time they were infants, that when they wiped their own feces on the walls they were misinformed that it was an artistic masterpiece. Such people are invariably intellectual and emotional idiots, but still manage to be the center of attention.
Tagger kid: Man, there goes Jenny-- she walks around thinking she's so great after graduating art school, but she can't draw a straight line.

Skater kid: Don't you know?-- she's a total Poopoo Picasso!
by uberellis May 15, 2016
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