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Nervous about the thought of pooping and someone hearing you, and or walking in after smelling your deed. This results in an anxiety of only being able to poop in ones own house, preferably with no one in the house.
/or leaving skid marks in someone else's bowl.
person 1: "want to stay at mine tonight?"
person 2: "nah i can't"
person 1: "why not? are you busy?"
person 2: "i have some things to attend to..."
person 1: "..... i know about your poo fright."
person 2: " :( "
by psilosimon January 15, 2010
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Being afraid to defecate in response to anxiety or fear that somebody else in the rest room can hear you do your business.
Girl 1 in public restroom to friend: "get out of here, seriously, you're giving me poo fright!"
by CrazySmashers April 02, 2011

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