(Always all caps)
A replacement for the words PWN, PWND, and all derivatives.
Lol u ben POND!!!1

I POND you all.
by Nort January 02, 2008
the past tense of "pwned" which is technically already past tense but who cares
LOL pond!!, i poked holes in the end of your condoms when you weren't looking, your a father now
by GoneFeral March 10, 2008
A place where you go pick up dogs. (dog pound)
I want to go see if the dog pond has any yellow labs.
by Dianeb December 07, 2006
The true pronunciation of pwned.
Your mom.
by ClaptonTown October 24, 2006
Something a frog lives in.
Mr Frog lives in a Pond, SERIOUS!!
by Cloud July 20, 2004

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