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When poon goes bad. There's poon, and then there's pon't.
Michael: Wow look at that. She may be a bitch, but I'd like a sampling of her poon.
Johnny: No man, that's not poon. That's pon't.
by pc_michael July 10, 2006
the past form of pwned. which was actually created from cs, and it's l337. pwned also resembles owned, if you look at it
ku <3 EbaK: haha, pont
noob1: :'
by jason October 12, 2004
Noun/ Adjective. Deriving from The R.Hamsters way of communicating that something is pants, there are pants on the stair case, someone just cacked their pants at The Woodster coming at them like a wet flannel etc. Can be (1)used as gereral term of derogation or (2) as substitute word when one is failing to find proper English ones and of course (3) to mean undercrackers.
(1) Megadeath!?....More like Megaponts...

(2) Where is Alphie?? On the chuffing...*gesture towards counter*...ponts!

(3) Let us visit La Senza's and buy some new ponts.
by Rufio. March 29, 2010
To smash a wall with a hammer as Pontius to receive experience or progress in Trine.
'Go and Pont that'
'Does anything need ponting?'
'Come here and Pont this'
by Jkg3 January 08, 2015
1) An Eastern-European stallion, trimmed with an ellegant mane, and gold-plated hooves.
2) An eloquent pontoon boat with matching side panels, used only as a novelty.
1) An old pont, Otis, won the beauty pageant today.
2) The man found that his pont did not work well on the open water.
by Unknown June 21, 2004
An attack term placing excessive emphasis on femininity. This term was created by King Jeffries while he looked for the dead body of Chief Cochise of the legendary Apache tribe.
"You fucking pont."
"He's a nice guy and all, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he's a pont."
by King Jeffries March 16, 2005
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