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A "Pompolope" is a very rare type of fruit. It grows only on a very small un-named, un-charted, tropical island off the coast of Australia. the inhabitants of the island believe they posses magical healing powers. Scientist are currently studding them, some think they may be a cure for such viral infections such as the common cold and also a possible cure to AIDS/HIV. Others think they may cure cancer. A pompolope is similar to an apple in taste, but similar to a pear in shape and about the size of Ripe pompolopes are usually orange with splotches of purple. Un-ripe pompolopes are usually orange with green splotches. un-ripe pompolopes are potentially poisonous, causing ether a hallucinogenic drug-like effect which will only last about two hours ,or it may cause a extreme fever followed by insomnia and insanity and finally death.
ex.Is this pompolope juice? ex. That pompolope was very delicious.
by Mark... the Ninja! May 20, 2005