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The celebrated gathering and athletic competition of professional pole dancers. Each contestant is judged on her expert understand and performance of the most complex and visually entertaining poses, while nude on the exalted stripper pole.
I am definitely going to the strip club tonight to cheer for Alesha in the 2009 Polympics
by realtalk2000 October 15, 2009
The art of using the Olympics as a political forum. Persons who participate in Polympics are called polympians. They can range from common protesters to presidents. Most recent use of Polympics is the protests of China's occupation of Tibet. The 1980 boycott of the Moscow Olympics because of the Soviet Union's occupation of Afghanistan is another example of Polympics.
Yesterday, the Polympians in San Francisco tried to blow out the Olympic Torch, because they were protesting China's occupation of Tibet. That is an example of Polympics.
by jimsdun April 09, 2008
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