A way to dodge commitment. See cheat.
I don't want to be blamed for cheating on you... I am polyamorous.
by SandySunday August 22, 2005
Top Definition
The state of having multiple sexually or romantically committed relationships at the same time, with the consent of all partners involved.
“Polyamorous communities emphasize love and honesty in their multi-partner relationships.”
“My polyamorous friend got me in a mess of trouble again” - Breaking Benjamin “Polyamorous”
by flanker December 15, 2004
Means "Many Loves". It means having multiple commited relationships with people you are mutally in love with, and everyone wants it to be that way.

This is not to be confused with swinging or multiple relationships, where you are sleeping with the other people or they are friends with bennies, whom you love. That is called non-monogamy, and to say it is polyamory is a lie.
"I told Brad I'm in love with him, and my husband Rick is very happy for us."
"That's cheating!"
"No, we're polyamorous. You can only cheat on rules that exist. We don't have an agreement to be exclusive. But an example of me cheating would be to not tell Rick that I'm in love, because the rule of honesty is right up there with the rule that the primary relationship comes first"
"I could never do that. I'm too jealous"
"Then don't."
"Are you sleeping with both these guys?"
"Now that I'm in love with both of them, yes. But you don't have to be having sex to be polyamorous, because what it means is that you are mutually in love with more than one person at a time. Most people do sleep with those they love, but sex is not what makes you poly"
#multiple #relationships #polyamorous #love #supportive
by Saxophone April 04, 2008
a great Breaking Benjamin song
i listened to Polyamorous by Breaking Benjamin and im here now.
by dooshmonger January 01, 2005
being in love with more than one person; having multiple loving relationships with all parties in the know and perfectly happy
that hot pocket sure has a polyamorous relationship going on, three boys and three girls are ok sharing her!
#love #acceptance #sharing #polygamy #freak
by Smokumz the Rapist April 05, 2011
A supposed natural occurrence where someone can experience romantic love for more than one person. A polyamorous person will suggest that a polyamorous relationship is natural and they will insist on it again and again and again. If you are in love with someone who is polyamorous, it is very likely they will be unable to control the "natural" urges. They will either cheat on you or mope when you say that you want to be in a good, monogamous relationship. If you find out someone is polyamorous, I would suggest not dating them or even being friends with them.
"You won't let me have another girlfriend! You're oppressing me Andrea! I'm polyamorous!"
by Notfromtoystory May 14, 2016
When you want to fuck multiple people at the same time, but you're also a special snowflake.
I'm not promiscuous, I'm ~polyamorous~
by do you think i'm spooky May 16, 2016
In a word, Highschool.
A polyamorous's lifestyle and a highschooler's lifestyle hold uncanny parallels. In both lifestyles individuals have multiple relationships going on at one time, both sexaul and romantic. And everyone involved is relatively ok with.
Billy- "Hey Johnny! Guess who I did last night?"
Johnny- "I don't know? Your girlfriend? Jane, right?"
Billy - "Nope."
Johnny- "Oh mannn, you're cheating on her?"
Billy- "No."
Johnny- "Then who?"
Billy- "My other girlfriend, Diane. And I think I'm gunna get some tonight from my other girlfriend Dorene!"
Johnny- "How do you have so many girlfriends??!?! Don't they care that you're cheating?"
Billy- "Haha, I'm not cheating! It's called polyamorous! They all have other boyfriends too."
Johnny- "Wow, when I grow up, I want to be a polyamorous"
#poly #sexual #unfaithful #highschool #std #friends with benefits
by kittycattycat April 03, 2007
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