male arousal caused by the presence of a tall object such as a pole or pylon...
dude, the thought of Margaret Thather on stilts gives me such a polon!...
by tit_tassle May 30, 2005
Top Definition
One of those annoying indie type kids, who think they are so much better than everyone else because they wear thick black glasses and listen to so-called hip music which is just really weak rip-offs of stuff made in the early 70s.
Brian is such a typical polon, web guy by day wannabe rocker by night.
by Anonymous November 08, 2003
verb. to emotionally reboot or recharge after a trying time; to clear your mind and wipe the slate clean after tragically awkward events
After the incredibly draining weekend with his hysterically emotional friend, Adam needed to polon before the long car ride home with her.
by nouseforaname April 28, 2006
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