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a stripper in a gentleman's club
My girlfriend thinks the term stripper is degrading to women, she refers to herself as a "pole technician."
by Rhoward August 19, 2009
1. Another word for a stripper or pole dancer that works at a gentleman's club. Sometimes used by women and/or men in this profession as a more nuanced and professional way of saying what they do for a living.

2. A term used to describe a higher breed of stripper or pole dancer that has mastered the most difficult and intricate techniques of pole dancing. These individuals are capable of performing truly amazing feats while on the pole.
1. Tanisha thinks she's so fancy calling herself a pole technician. Girl, we all know you just stripping down at the Kitty Palace.

2. I have never seen anyone master those techniques as quick as Mika has! It's only a matter of time before she masters all of them and graduates to pole technician.
by ThatRegret October 17, 2015
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