a large building that is usually made of steel or aliminum. Used as storage for farm equipment, garage-type objects, and other random manly things.

Also can be used as a great party place. (large open space... with power tools!)
Ben: "We should have a party sometime... too bad we don't have a place to have it..."
Justine: "Yeah... we got a pole barn though!"
by Pretty Emily January 09, 2005
Top Definition
Pole barn is slang for a gay bar and, more accurately, one with one or more glory holes.
Bongo: " Ernie! Long time no see... Hey, c'mon over tonight - I 'm

making bag and I'll steep a coupla' ice brews...."

Ernie: " I would dude, but I'm workin' the pole barn tonight. They're gonna' pay me $20 an hour to man the glory hole. Maybe later tho..."
by Toby Gruntnzler October 16, 2014
Pole Barn is the nickname for the legendary WHQ 3rd floor men's restroom. This facility is primarily utilized by flight dispatchers looking to expel overpriced Bistro 1200 food. Pole barn etiquette is strongly emphasized.
Pole Barn is similar to a unattended gas station and or truck stop restroom
by Chief Darkcloud May 07, 2008
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