nikkaz from North Oakland aka North Pole, CA
u think we square, we polar bears--Mistah F.A.B.
by D5100 July 22, 2006
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a BEAR... its an animal.. im surprised after all those definitions noone mentiioned that
omg he got eaten by a polar bear in canada
by alex14 July 05, 2006
giving head with an ice cube in your mouth
"dude she just gave me the sickest polar bear"
by rocketship August 24, 2004
Gay slang for a grey haired, older, hairy chubby guy. Or a guy that looks like Santa Claus without the suit.
I have abandonment issues with my dad, so I tend to be into polar bears.
by Tomahhtoe May 04, 2009
According to "Happy Hour is for Amateurs" by an anonymous lawyer, a polar bear is a subtype of single woman at a bar, waiting to be picked up. Polar bears are large, white, have a thick layer of subcutaneous blubber, and hunt men for sport. They rarely see an opportunity to move in for the kill, and thus never pass one up. They tend to have exclusive territories, and it is rare to see multiple polar bears prowling the same bar, due to their inherently competitive nature and the scarcity of men drunk or desperate enough to take them home.

See also: hogging, bbw, ssbbw, last call, beer goggles, sidewalk sale
"Looks like Anna found her ride home for the night. We raise our glasses to another hapless victim of our local Polar Bear."
by rainwalker2k3 December 01, 2009
Fat white girls.
Any hot girls at the bar last night? Hell no, just a bunch of black dudes and their pet polar bears.
by Tbonesupreme July 22, 2010
a rave name for the coolest person you will ever meet;
typically a tall, slightly overweight white person who is awesome in every way.
person 1: "hey do you know polarbear?"

person 2: "of course man, hes fuckin awesome!!!"

person 3: "your right person 2, i wish i was as cool as polarbear"
by polarbear1036 January 07, 2010
A big gay white dude. Perferably Russian.
Look at that guy wearing a speedo and a ushanka. He is deffinatly a polar bear.
by retsabala June 06, 2010

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