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On the internet he went by the name "Pokekil". He was a genius, a pioneer, and an artist. There are those people whose actions have changed our everyday lives. Pokekil is one of them. He is one of the few that has shaped modern humor. People often do not realize that humor is passed on from one person to another. Pokekil was one of these sources.

As an 8 year old, he became one of the internet's first comedians. There was something he could offer that nobody else couldn't. He just wanted to cheer people up.

He has disappeared.
He was Pokekil.
It is impossible to describe how much really came from him.
by KxABX August 04, 2009
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His name is Pokekil, but you can call him god.
Pokekil is a jolly good gosu...
Pokekil is a jolly good gosu...
Pokekil is a jolly good gosu...
That nobody can deny
by University of Hartford November 16, 2003
The spammin' little 11 yr old in the internet who really is smarter than you are and just fakes hes immature so he can undermine you and own you.
You: Yeah well, i plan to CENSORED
Pokekil With shotgun: Owned b!tch...
by Sauron November 13, 2003
A stupid gunbounder who thinks he's gosu... A stupid chinese gosu thinker
I am sooo gosu! No one can beat me and im chinese!
by FryingSmurfz November 15, 2003

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