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in cherokee culture, the way of seriously. im not kidding. go look it up on google or something. and YES that is how u can have sex. dont believe me? go poke somebody with a fish and see what happens! yeah see, you dont wantndo it. thats cuz your afraid im right! ha-ha-freakin-ha!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyway what im trying to say is, dont poke people with fish. it could have disastrous consequences. however, feel free to poke yourself w a fish, cuz i want 2 know what would happen
boy: hey look a trout. maybe i'll poke with fish.
girl: get that freakin thing away from me! u ain't my baby daddy!
boy:(pokes anyway, cuz hes a total ass)
girl: crap. thats the third time this week.
(camera zooms out and we see 3 babies sitting around her)
girl: i cannot believe you just freaking fish-raped me!
go poke urself with a fish! i hate u!!!
by thecoolestfreakinpersonever June 30, 2008
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