Name for childs that shoot on point 5

Normally a person that has a certain affection or half (.5) of their heart for the only person that calls them it

A male: One that is only on a team because of another on the team that keeps them happy

A person that loves an Athena

Person that lends .5 of the .5 that isnt lent out already to Chiefs Deli!
Go shoot point 5!

Point 5 cannot live without Athena!

Point 5 wants to kill themself when not around a certain person and stuck being around other certain people
by point5luva January 31, 2011
Top Definition
a mixed race person
name comes from the fact they are 0.5 one race and 0.5 another

term usually used in east african countries such as kenya

synonyms: half cast, lighty,banana etc
1: yo G, I linked some sexy point 5 today.
2: naah
1: swear down fam
2: what would you give the point 5 out of 10
1: 9 point 5
by mombasa4life September 25, 2011
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