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A video game for the Super Nintendo featuring a Pocky a Miko (Shinto Shrine Maiden), and Rocky a Tanuki, and their adventures through the underworld to save the Nopino Goblins who are under the control of another force.

Pocky can throw o-fune while Rocky throws leaves for their ranged attacks. They also have melee attacks that can deflect enemies projectiles.

It is a fun 1 Player game, but even better with a friend and will bring about nostalgia for 16-Bit Music. It is noted to be a very hard game, even though it features a Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty setting.

In Japan, "Pocky and Rocky" is known as, "KiKi KaiKai: Nazo No Kuro Manto."

Pocky's original name was, "Sayo-chan" and Rocky's original name was, "Manuke."
Pocky and Rocky is still easier than Pocky and Rocky 2!
by MeGaMaNxTc November 16, 2006
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