1. A pob is someone who is very FOB. When you are a fob and you are Asian you usually pronounce words and say them with the letter "P" so just imagine a fob saying fob, it would sound like pob.

2. It can also be used to describe fobs.
1. I'm a pob.

2. Look at that huge pob.
by Kwami WhiteBread October 21, 2009
Top Definition
noun. Posh Spice's (Victoria Beckham) bob haircut. Posh + Bob = Pob. Looks like a normal bob haircut, but has asymmetrical sides. Shorter in the back than in the front, usually.
"Like, OMGzz Posh totally created the pob. Everyone is sporting one now!"
"Check out that girl's totally chic pob."
"I so want your pob."
Freaky puppet that used to be on channel 4. His main routine consisted of spitting all over thecamera lens, writing his name in the 'fog' and then getting his pink and yellow striped jumper unravelled.
Peh - ooh - beh
by Wise Man October 06, 2003
peace out brussel sprout
hey kristen, you smell like butt, i gotta go, pobs.
by manda March 03, 2004
When leaving your place of business, "P.O.B" (Peace out Bitch) is used as a departing salutation. Is also accompanied with a piece sign.
I'll see you tomorrow, P.O.B!!
Yeah, same to you ED!!!
by cackilac March 07, 2008
Someone with big rosy puffed out cheeks like the puppet who used to be on afformentioned s4c program (welsh tv)
shut up pob cheeks - or - move your cheeks out the way pob I cant see a thing
by Borris McFly November 20, 2003
When giving 50% effort, let alone 100%, is out of the question. Used by Toronto Raptors RealGM'ers, the terms roots are an acronym derived from Raptors mega-scrub Patrick O'Bryant, who is a lazy-ass that struggles to even stick his hand out to a teammate for a high-five. He is often seen slouching on the bench, emotionless and bored. Despite being a lanky 7-footer, he has refused to make use of this physical gift from God, and is likely content that he leads the team in DNP-CD's since his acquisition. He is known for his non-work-ethic and extreme nonchalantness, which will ultimately show him the door out of the NBA.
"I totally POB'D that cultural theory essay last night, since I had to go to a kegger."

"I'm going to have to POB the report I was assigned. It's only worth 10% and I have much bigger things to worry about."
by kidwaveml March 16, 2009
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