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A term used in the Land of Cotton (the deep South) in place of "sub," "hoagie," "grinder," etc. It is a sandwich with lots of cold cuts and toppings.
I feel like going down to the sandwich shop and gettin' a po boy for lunch.
#sub #sandwich #hoagie #grinder #subway
by RobinVolFan October 07, 2006
1. A wonderful, tasty, sub sandwich consisting of various types of meat(s) and condiments.
2. A term to express great disbelief and disappointment.
1.I love me a poboy when I go to Jason's Deli!
2.Poboy, I just got whooped in Halo!
by Kenny August 02, 2004
Sandwich originating in N'awlins, Louisiana. Usually contains some type of fried fish; shrimg, oysters, soft shell crab, or meat.
I had the best fried soft shell po' boy at Frankie & Johnny's over on Tchopitoulous.
#new orleans #food #louisiana #sandwich #hoagie #sub
by newcomblives September 23, 2006
a bastardisation of "Poor boy".
look at that po boy.
#poor #not rich #unwealthy #cracker #low life
by Wesley henderson July 03, 2006
Performing a blow job after anal sex
"We were so drunk last night that I gave him a Po boy!"
#sex #anal #blowjob #oral #poop #sandwich
by shereddit January 05, 2014
An abbreviation for poor boys.
"Lets go get fast food, we're just po boys after all."
#po #boys #poor #people #lake pontchartrain
by Siggyyyy August 24, 2008
A restaurant in downtown Tallahassee, FL with the most ballin' ass fried pickles south of the Mason Dixin. Every year Po' Boys celebrates the annual Tallahassee Crawfish festival where everyone gets way too drunk and enjoys all you can eat crawfish and live music. Po' Boys is located off of College Avenue and South Calhoun Street Tallahassee Florida. Tallahassee patrons enjoy all you can drink free green Natural Light on St. Patrick's day, as well as ten dollar buckets of beer Monday through Friday Seven post meridian to Nine post meridian.
We went to Po Boys for the 16th annual Crawfish Festival and got so drunk we couldn't remember where we left our camera that had a picture of my penis on it.
#tallahassee #patrick #green #aveeno #jabri
by Downtown Tallahassee May 09, 2009
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