A way of demonstrating the relevance of a comment to a situation, or to make a comment seem more exciting.
Fred: So I failed my maths test. Disappointment ++.

Fred: So I hooked up with this girl last night...teh secks ++!
by Tempestua April 13, 2005
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1) a programming term, meaning 'to increment by one'. often used to imply someone is above average in a certain characteristic.

2) a form of rating, giving a person/place/inanimate object a higher "karma"

see ant. at minusminus
Also, ++.
1) "dude, you're like.. nerdy plus plus"
2) "pkgadd rocks! solaris++."
by charlie root March 25, 2003
a newspeak word originating in George Orwell's 1984. The aim of newspeak was to limit thought by limiting language. a word followed by + good (plus) is denotes something is good, the superlative is ++ good or plusplus. Any other expression of "good" or its synonyms is considered thought crime. The antonym of plusplus is minusminus which is represented with a --
Orwell = non person = crimethink. Party++
by dandelionasdabird July 27, 2005
adj. kickass, really cool
Man, that's so plusplus.
by Arclite June 15, 2004
This is added to the end of a word or phrase to emphasise or exaggerate its meaning, often sarcastically.
Barbra Streisand? That's aging New York queens plus plus.
by Thilini Mahaliyana March 10, 2003

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