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In the sport of Crew (rowing) a boat that includes all the fat asses as the coach simply can not risk putting them in the top boats. Generally 2 or 3 poor rowers that are either amazing and set the example for the "plus size rowers" as well as the ones with terrible form get screwed over in the same boat or the ones that give off that "WTF are you even doing here" feel. This type of boat generally gets wrecked in any and all events as the fatty's double fuck over the boat in that they A) Weigh the boat down with there weight and B) Have absolutely no muscle tone and can not pull there weight. They are useally middle 4.
Plus size boat example:

Stroke seat (fit): Coach what was our time in the time in the race?!!
Coach: The winner got 6:30 and you guys got 20:35's
Fat ass: wait that race was full pressure right? I thought it was half.....
Stroke: wtf gtfo off my boat.
by pissedoffstrokeseat May 23, 2009
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