In reference to Google+, the social network, it refers to people who will "plus one" just about anything. Those people are known as "plus phuckers" because they will plus almost anything. Plus can be compared to Facebooks "Like" feature.

"Plus phuckers" may also refer to the community within Google+ named "Plus Phuckers," which consists mostly of a group of individuals to which the above definition applies.

It can be considered a euphemism for "plus *uckers."
"You just got 'Plus Phucked' by a 'plus phucker.'" may be said to someone whose just had almost their entire stream of posts "plussed" by the same person or group of people.

Person1: "Did you see Mary's post?"

Person2: "Yes. Ive just plus phucked her stream. Im a real plus phucker."
by "Mary" the Phucker November 05, 2013

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