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To engage in the sex act of double penetration(or DP for short), which is when two men simultaneously insert their penises into the woman's vagina and anus. This term can also refer to when three men bang the chick the same way, with the third man inserting his penis into her mouth(getting her to be airtight).

And for your information, there actually exists a porn movie that was named "Plug Her Up" and that movie is all about double penetration as well.
When Nick D and Simon scored two fit birds by pulling the beirut trick, they were both dissapointed when one of the girls had left because she was simply not in a very good mood, so they had no choice but to share the remaining one girl, take her upstairs, and plug her up real nice and good.

Mark H. Bringing more sexual lingo to UrbanDictionary since February 2004.
by Mark H November 01, 2004
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