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The part between the explosions and nudity. The proper role of plot is to provide relief from the heavier material and give the audience a few seconds to use the restroom or get some popcorn. At its worst, plot is often depended upon by indie movies, which lack either the budget or the creativity to do a feature film. Another tool these inferior productions often use to mask their incompetency is character development.
1)The ending was good, but the first half of the movie was bogged down in plot.

2)"Wont the audience be overwhelmed when we cut from the jumping from the Empire State Building to the Chrysler Building scene to the three-way lesbian scene?""We could transition with a 30-second plot scene.""Good idea!"
by Ryne E August 31, 2010
Any part of a tv show or movie that isn't a hot chick.
"Why do you watch CW's beauty and the beast, is it for the plot?"

"Hell No, it's for all the hot chicks..."
by TriSurf77 December 04, 2012
To plot is simply to plot. Any time someone thinks about doing something to some other person, place, or thing. This can include bodily harm, or any other form of plottage.
*Little boy with a lolli pop in his mouth staring at a drug dealer in the middle of a park*
Drug dealer: Are you plotting on me boy!
by Squibbles January 29, 2007
to hang around with your friends.
person1: so where do you plot?
person2: mostly down camden lock.
person1: ah I love it there!
by YourCurrentObsession February 22, 2007
to set someone up
dem niggas be plottin
by throwed&payed December 11, 2003
to make up bullshit
ya motherfucka plottin shit like this at 4 o'clock in the morning
by lantus June 08, 2004
1. Hardcore sexual activity, usually involving penetration.

All I need is a good job and some plot, and I'll be all right.
by Morgana June 24, 2003