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Shortened version of parking lot. Usually used when referring to a parking lot where people hang out/loiter and not one where people park their cars to go to store.
person 1 "yo, come out to the p lot"
person 2 "aight"
by albanian guy September 21, 2009
10 3
Any part of a tv show or movie that isn't a hot chick.
"Why do you watch CW's beauty and the beast, is it for the plot?"

"Hell No, it's for all the hot chicks..."
by TriSurf77 December 04, 2012
8 10
To plot is simply to plot. Any time someone thinks about doing something to some other person, place, or thing. This can include bodily harm, or any other form of plottage.
*Little boy with a lolli pop in his mouth staring at a drug dealer in the middle of a park*
Drug dealer: Are you plotting on me boy!
by Squibbles January 29, 2007
33 49
to hang around with your friends.
person1: so where do you plot?
person2: mostly down camden lock.
person1: ah I love it there!
by YourCurrentObsession February 22, 2007
15 34
to set someone up
dem niggas be plottin
by throwed&payed December 11, 2003
30 58
to make up bullshit
ya motherfucka plottin shit like this at 4 o'clock in the morning
by lantus June 08, 2004
24 55
1. Hardcore sexual activity, usually involving penetration.

All I need is a good job and some plot, and I'll be all right.
by Morgana June 24, 2003
18 54