1. Cheap wine

2. The sound your poo makes when it hits water
I wouldnt mind a bottle of plonk...

*squeeze* plonk!
by Kent Paul December 06, 2006
An expression that connotes a deep sexual desire for the addressee. Mostly included in the vocabulary of crackwhores, camilles, and other strange women. A sign to avoid the speaker at all costs
her "PLONK"

him "haha what's that..."

her "an........ onomatopoeia?"

by msniceguy February 19, 2011
Staying in bed for an extended or exaggerated amount of time; sleeping, watching movies, or cuddling with a partner, or a group.
I feel so lazy, I plonked for 5 hours before deciding to do my laundry.
by Jack_Mier April 03, 2014
Inspired by the 'planking' craze, the art of plonking is to lay a turd horizontally across the ground any objects outside of Plonk! wine bar.
That guy was a jerk. We should take a 'plonk!' on the patio.
by golden cobra July 13, 2011
Verb. To Plonk means to run your fingers through someone's hair.
I went in for a kiss, plonking her. She freaked out. Apparently those chicks have something against touching their manicured hair.

God damnit! I just want to plonk you so bad!
by Ihatepullups December 08, 2010
an insult you say to someone when you're messing around. Less harsh than "you idiot" or "you fuckhead."
You plonk.
by bread infection November 25, 2009
to shit and ejaculate on someones face
dude last night me and amber were doing it and i plonked all over her face.

that girl was a bitch so i plonked on her bed.
by johnnyExpress February 03, 2011

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