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To participate in fellatio.
"Megan came over to play army with me last night. Man that girl could suck the crome off a ball hitch!"
by Goathed May 22, 2006
To preform oral sex on a male while he holds a salute.
From Tripping the Rift:

Chode: You wanna play army?
Big breasted TV reporter: How do you play that?
Chode: I salute and you blow the hell outta me.
by Kristy O. May 22, 2008
despite what creepy pervs say, playing army is a pickup line that works. works like this.....
guy: hey do you wanna play army?
girl: whats that???
guy: when i lay on the ground and you blow the hell outta me

half of the time it works because its so funny
by barhopper187 December 22, 2009