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1.)A man who enjoys giving oral more than receiving.
2.)A man who eats platypi in his spare time.
1.)"Don't go near him hun, that man's a serious platypus eater. I don't want to think of all the places that tongue has been"
2.)"Quick! Hide your platypi! Mike the platypus eater is about!"
by Rory McMoose May 03, 2005
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Hideo Kojima's latest installment in the Metal Gear series. Features a new operative with the codename of Naked Platypus. Fights a group Psycho Soldiers in Brazil named ELM(egg-laying mammals), which includes Echidna, Hedge hog, and Anteater. Infiltrates the base at Iguassu Falls, Argentina, and destroys the latest Metal Gear: Metal Gear Monotreme.
"Dude!!! I was totally kicking ass in Platypus Eater!!!"

"Yeah, and the CQQ is totes wet!!!"


"Close Quarters Quacking, of course!!!"

by Cold Coda August 31, 2009
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