Putting your responsibility for something onto someone else's plate either purposefully with sly word choice or by omitting or just forgetting major parts of reality altogether.
Mary: You need to pay the $65 late fees on my video return because I couldn't get into your house today to return them.

John: Umm, Plate Shift! My house was locked today but what was wrong with any of the last 21 days you slept at my house and walked right past your videos on the way out the door.


Sophia (looking at scratched pan): You need to buy me another $150 Julia Child's Edition Saute Pan cause you scratched mine.

Jim: Plate shift! You set the pan on fire when you forgot your brats watching Dancing w/ the Stars and I only scratched it saving the house from burning down.
by Amovida February 09, 2011
Losing your mind momentarily.
In the middle of a sentence you forget what you were saying and experience plate shift.
by Sandi68 April 13, 2006

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