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A Japanese rock band.

Most of the lyrics are depressing, to the point I'd consider the band emo, if you can consider Japanese bands that.

They're really great though, Ryuutaro's voice is full of emotion.
I really like the song mizuiro girlfriend by plastic tree.

"I get on a green coloured bicycle, take my friend's mouse
And la~lala~ hum a song I heard in a bookshop just before.
With the crayon map you drew, I searched for your house
But points are missing and the relative ratio is insane
I'm disgusted, whilst to my side, with its wire meshing, the white
Bus to the dump runs past again."
by yaoi-chan March 23, 2005
55 16

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A type of plant life that is used to manufacture plastic grocery bags. They once grew in great numbers in Iraq and Saudi Arabia.
I only had one item at the checkout, so I told the cashier to save a plastic tree and just took the receipt.
by Brian X March 27, 2007
10 3