Besides being a band a Placebo is also an ineffective dose masquerading as the real thing.
Although what the 'real thing' is, is subjective.
In Biology....
Amanda: "Hey Lu, what is a placebo?"
Lu: "An ineffective dose masquerading as the real thing"
Amanda: "Masquerading eh?"
Lu: "Yep"
Amanda: "Kay, Thanks"
by The Mighty Belthazor February 09, 2010
Something or someone that works by doing nothing.
Person A: What does John even do around here?
Person B: Nothing, he's a placebo
Person A: Huh?
Person B: You know, he works by doing nothing.
by allgoodnamesrtaken January 06, 2010
The strongest drug available.
Bob took a placebo and was cured of his cancer.
by Energy Turtle December 03, 2007
A pill that makes you think that you're getting better.

See Sugar Pill
Take two placebos, then you can call me lame...
by Arley April 11, 2004
An imaginary color or hue.
Your underwear is placebo.
by LeftOutLuigi April 04, 2006
One of the cooler kids on the internet, ie, me. Plays Unreal Tournament 2004 and designs websites; posts a lot on the AtariCommunity UT forums, Appleinsider forums, and Inside Mac Games forums.

No, I'm not really this egocentric.
"OMFG, did u see placebo's topic?"
by placebo February 11, 2005
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