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Plaa'd | plôd | informal

Being in the mindset of self awareness, state of being, awareness of others mindset and having the attitude of a fucked up, smashed, happy person that is not sober.

Extremely enthusiastic, wild, spun, highly conscious, observant of others, but extremely not sober.
Dan says : Wow, look at that dude going crazy with his dance moves.. He really knows what he is doing and looks plaa'd as hell.

Sam replies : Dude, you are so right.. What a crazy happy dude. He is totally plaa'd and I'm starting to get the feeling that I am too. The dude is looking straight at me and totally knows that I'm plaa'd just like him. I think we are "pla" communicating through our minds. Like, pla-meditating.

Dan says : Woah, this just blew my fucking mind. I THINK I'm feeling plaa'd as well. (really, he knows it) Let's get plaa'd like crazy bro and enjoy the show! Plaaaaaaaa!!

by Da Pla May 11, 2011