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Ordering an unrequested pizza to someone's house or apartment, to their complete surprise. Generally followed by them coming online and cussing out whoever did it (if they know).
John totally got pizza'd, I hope he likes the smell of fresh pepperoni at 2am!
by Dan October 07, 2008
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When someone leaves their computer unlocked and you change their desktop background to an image of pizza, preferably a small image that is tiled several hundred times.
"Look! Greg left his computer unlocked!"
"Oh, dude, he is totally gonna get pizza'd!"
by Behn1220 March 29, 2010
Recieving unwanted pizzas called to your house by pranksters. See also taxied. In theory it is possible to be 'petting zooed' and 'clowned' by the same means.
Fuck I got totally pizzad last night. Three 16 inchers and a load of garlic bread. That was before the bouncy castle arrived. I bet it was brown-sound again.
by raj November 21, 2004

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