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Piuli, the most amazing most beautiful most brilliant flower there is. ever...
Very elegant, bright, filled with passion and ambition
Truly special, one of a kind ready to conquer the world in its very own soil. Raises with passion, is a very Red and bright flower which embraces a connection beyond a Rose itself.
What does a rose have in comparison to Piuli? Ha, NOTHING! Piuli is beyond superior in every aspect to a mere rose.

If you want to show passion and love with this beyond amazing flower, Piuli is the answer to it<3 :)
amazing special beautiful gorgeous life
Hey Andy, what is the definition of life?
Andy: "Piuli is the whole definition of life. Piuli is the MEANING of my life."
#special #amazing #flower #jaanu #life #love
by HerJaanu August 06, 2014
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