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One who thrives on being put down and subsequently pitied by others.
Geff gets made fun of by Tom and Matt, but he enjoys it because Brooke and BB pity him. This is the quintessential example of a pity whore.
by Matt and TOM August 11, 2004
someone who begs for other peoples pity when no one wants to give it to them. they feel sorry for themselves and expect everyone else to feel sorry for them too.
Sarah, a very ugly girl, told all of her friends at lunch about how someone said she was ugly. She was hoping that everyone would pity her and tell her that she was the most beautiful person ever because she is a pity whore.
by Anonymous October 07, 2003
A neurotic individual who repeatedly solicits sympathy for recurring problems, but which are of an entirely trivial nature. By constantly seeking pity, the person rationalizes his or her asinine behavior and thus avoids dealing with the underlying issue of concern.
Dave keeps complaining how hurt he is because people make fun of his comb-over. He's such a pity whore!
by Omnibus January 10, 2008
Prostitute who offers service out of pity and not for money.
after his dog got ran over by a steam roller and his girlfriend got caught drinking waffle juice, he went to see the pity whore.
by biznob August 30, 2005
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