racecar groupie,A girl who is only interested in dating or doing a racecar driver.see nerf-bird
check out the hooters on that pit-lizard!!
by dave hays March 11, 2008
Top Definition
a raunchy girl normally found in a NASCAR garage looking to pick up a good looking driver with lots of money.

see whore or skank.
Dude, have you seen Jr's ex girlfriend Kortnie? She's a total pit lizard!!
by hurrikahne July 06, 2004
Female NASCAR groupie, typically with fake tan, fake tits and bad skin. Commonly found cruising the garage/pit area vainly searching for driver dick.
Check out that pit lizard waiting for Junior to show up, she's busted as hell.
by MannyOrtez April 02, 2007
a female groupie found in the sport of NASCAR. they are usually found in and around the pit area. they have a specific driver(s) (or driver's crew) picked out ahead of time and do everything in their power to have sex with them. they stalk them out and draw as much attention to themselves just to get noticed.
That group of girls standing by Kasey Kahne's pit box for the past 3 hours are obviously pit lizards.
by A. Lurker January 22, 2007
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