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When a woman make a man ejaculate by using a pit, such as an arm or leg pit.
John: That cunt wanted to give me a pit job last night.
by Hennessee August 31, 2008
5 2
When a male and a female have intercourse and the genitial is touching the arm pits.
(often times resulting in ejaculation)
Randy had a fun time with Jenny when his penis, was touching her hairy pits and the result= sweet pit job.
by lifeandtimesofstevin November 23, 2009
1 1
when you wank two guys off at the same time with your armpits by moving your arms back and forth, the guys are coming from behind.
i came first in the pitjob, she looked like a super metroid or something shooting out cannons from her arms..
by godbar December 24, 2004
8 8